Our martyrs

Birth date:7/25/1974
Date of death:1/5/1994

Birth date:11/18/1965
Date of death:6/18/1994

Birth date:1/1/1978
Date of death:5/20/1997

Birth date:31.09.1981
Date of death:3/25/2000

Birth date:11/28/1996
Date of death:10/17/2020

Birth date:4/20/1996
Date of death:10/10/2020

Birth date:1/29/1968
Date of death:7/3/1992

Birth date:5/2/1998
Date of death:11/8/2020

Birth date:7/13/2000
Date of death:10/2/2020

Birth date:5/21/1974
Date of death:1/28/1994