Our martyrs

Birth date:3/3/1971
Date of death:7/16/1993

Birth date:12/26/2001
Date of death:9/27/2020

Birth date:1/8/1968
Date of death:1/13/1994

Birth date:1/13/1998
Date of death:10/1/2020

Birth date:10/8/1966
Date of death:1/18/1993

Birth date:2/22/1995
Date of death:10/1/2020

Birth date:4/25/1974
Date of death:4/24/1994

Birth date:10/22/1974
Date of death:2/14/1994

Birth date:10/15/1997
Date of death:3/27/2016

Birth date:2/3/1964
Date of death:1/20/1994