Our martyrs

Birth date:5/16/1991
Date of death:11/15/2020

Birth date:5/6/1953
Date of death:3/27/1995

Birth date:8/2/1991
Date of death:12/13/2011

Birth date:10/1/1958
Date of death:5/30/1992

Birth date:6/1/1961
Date of death:7/23/2007

Birth date:8/6/1972
Date of death:9/30/1993

Birth date:8/12/1980
Date of death:9/15/1999

Birth date:8/1/1969
Date of death:10/5/1992

Birth date:1/5/1965
Date of death:10/25/1993

Birth date:1/12/1968
Date of death:8/19/1992