Our martyrs

Birth date:8/25/1975
Date of death:5/1/1996

Birth date:4/20/1974
Date of death:4/20/1994

Birth date:12/17/1993
Date of death:11/8/2020

Birth date:3/15/1962
Date of death:4/9/1995

Birth date:4/5/1971
Date of death:1993

Birth date:10/20/1963
Date of death:1/11/1994

Birth date:12/26/1965
Date of death:5/15/1992

Birth date:3/29/1972
Date of death:6/23/1993

Birth date:6/30/1987
Date of death:9/30/2020

Birth date:3/20/1961
Date of death:2/16/1994