Mobilization in history

For the first time in the history of northern Azerbaijan the mobilization had taken place during the People’s Republic. The Azerbaijan Peoples Republic was proclaimed in Tbilisi in 1918 and later moved to Ganja. With the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of Azerbaijan in 1918, the process of national state building has gained momentum.

In that period, important measures were taken to establish the first parliament in the East, to form the government, to organize the state apparatus, define the country's borders, to create our national anthem, our insignia, our flag, to use our native language, to build army and establish the security. During the period of the Peoples Republic, the process of national army building was expanded. Steps were taken towards army building and mobilization. Like in all areas, the foundation of military call and mobilization had already been laid in the same period. At the order of Fatali Khan Khoyski, an organization has been established for this area. At that time, the important steps taken in the determination of our borders, declaration of our language, flag, army building, military service and mobilization played a major role in the further development of our country.

The military call and military mobilization system, which was established during the People's Republic, had already reached today by passing a glorious path over the past 100 years. During the time of the People's Republic, steps were taken to mobilize citizens to the army and to mobilize for the defense of the country, as well as regular military units with high combat capability had been established. By the decision of the Government of Azerbaijan dated July 3, 1918, citizens under the age of 19 began to engage in military service to fulfill the military obligation.

Later, a decision was made to call the youths of the Islamic religion born in 1894-95 years. Under the Government Decree No 55, Yelizavetpol conscription department was named as Azerbaijan Conscript Department and the organization of the call for the whole country was concentrated in this department.

Army building is successfully continued today. In 1993, as the national leader Heydar Aliyev returned to power, important processes took place in the field of national army building in Azerbaijan likewise in all spheres. The announcement of the cease-fire in 1994 gave time to take extensive measures on army building. Azerbaijan has integrated into important international partnership platforms. The work of the Great Leader in the field of army building is being successfully continued by President Ilham Aliyev today. Modern and powerful national army is formed in our country with a strong economy and rapid development. The military reforms carried out thanks to the attention and care of Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and the army building serves to increase the country's defensive power.